Channeled Intuitive Reading

Rev. Denise Roberge is an Ordained Metaphysical Minister who has been an Empath, Channel, and Intuitive since childhood. She has over 30 years of experience as a professional spiritual intuitive reader, Master Reiki practitioner, EFT Master, Spiritual Teacher, Mentor and Counselor. During your reading she reaches out to your Highest Self, Source energy, angels, guides, teachers and guardians for information. Mediumship and Past Life information may be part of a reading as she is guided.

Her intention is always set to your Highest and Best, and her readings are warm, compassionate and insightful. If a challenge comes up, you will be guided gently toward possible solutions every time. Denise’s readings include direct channeling as well as the use of a variety of oracle cards. You will have the opportunity to ask questions during your reading if you desire. You can reach her directly by clicking HERE or visit her professional Facebook page called OneMind Spiritual Services.


“I have turned to Denise for readings and spiritual consultations over the span of a decade. I have been especially impressed with her abilities as a medical intuitive. Denise has spiritually assisted me during some very challenging times, lovingly and without judgment. I will continue to be a returning customer.”



“Denise’s work has proven to me that the biggest material shifts in life are brought on by emotional growth, release, and healing. By facilitating these experiences for me, she has opened the door for many new and exciting developments and adventures in my earthly life. After working with Denise, I feel courageous and bold, ready to take on the world lovingly and authentically.”