Clarity and Focus Session

This service is great for someone who desires some processing about direction, the next right step, or about a specific issue.
This session is helpful when trying to:

  • Explore a particular life issue in depth with the intention to find clarity.
  • Experience a specific healing tool (such as EFT or Reiki, for example).
  • To help you to decide whether to choose an OMSS service such as Mentorship, Vibrational Wellness, Upleveling Your Intuition, or Wedding Services.

A Clarity and Focus Session is a targeted opportunity to delve deeper into issues from a personal/spiritual growth perspective.
You will:

  • Have a discussion that will clarify your desire in terms of your Highest Good.
  • Magnify your own personal transformation process.
  • Gain insight into your next illuminated step.
  • Empower a sense of confidence in your innate inner wisdom.
  • If you have a Clarity and Focus session and decide to buy a package, the fee will be credited toward your package fee.
  • Packages of multiple sessions are available.
  • Minimum of 1 hour per session


“Denise has helped me so much over the years. I first started as a student in her meditation course. I had never meditated in public and was having a hard time coping in law school. A friend invited me to attend a class and from the moment I stepped into her home office, I was completely comfortable. The meditation course blew my mind, helped center me, and helped me tap into my own power – something that never would have been possible without Denise’s knowledge and guidance. I credit her courses, teachings, and friendship with helping me through a particularly difficult and stressful time in my life.”