Ascended Masters are a spiritual realm of highly evolved beings whose mission it is to assist with the development of humanity. They are particularly sensitive to the needs, issues, and challenges facing people because of their extensive experience as incarnate, ascending human beings.

An Ascended Master is a Being of Light who has completed many lifetimes on Earth, as we all have. Since they are finished with the karmic cycle of death and rebirth, they have attained Mastery. Through these lives, their free will, and devotion to their soul’s ascension, they have increased in vibration and consciousness and are completely clear of any debris which accumulated over their extensive human experiences. They continue to work toward their own ascension process as all souls do until complete merging with The Light of God, or Source Energy.

An Ascended Master is the Higher Self, or Oversoul, of the person who lived on earth. So for example, Master Saint Germain (often just called Germain), was once Francis Bacon, the biblical prophet Samuel, Plato, St. Joseph (father of Jesus), Merlin, Christopher Columbus, Count Ragozy, and a Count in the Province of Saint Germain in France, to name but a few. He had already ascended before his lifetime in France, and this is where his Master name comes from. He wanted just one more lifetime, and this was granted though not required. These beings can come and go between Higher Realms and Earth as they choose.

An Ascended Master is not necessarily the human version of the being who ascended, although they can appear to us with all the human aspects if needed or when we so desire. In ultimate reality, the Ascended Master is the Higher Self of the person who lived on Earth. So when you call on Jesus, you are calling on the past life persona of the soul-being who ascended and surrendered to his Higher Self. It is not the persona of Jesus, but rather it is the Higher Self of Jesus that responds. The name of the Oversoul or Highest Self of Jesus is Sananda.

Ascended Masters serve us as Teachers from the realm of spirit, and can effectively help us navigate our lives and show us how to access our Higher Selves, which connects us to our spiritual nature as beings of the Universe. They work with humankind in personal, global and universal ways. To illustrate this point, both Jesus and Buddha are considered Ascended Masters. Think of their immense transformational influence on the spiritual evolution of this planet!

Those masters from the Buddhist tradition are known as Bodhisattvas. Other traditions may have their own terms for the same spiritual realm of beings. Some commonly known Bodhisattvas are Quan Yin, Maitreya, Gautama, and Tara. There are many in the Hindu tradition as well, such as Vishnu, Shiva, Durga, and Ganesh. In the Judeo/Christian tradition, Abraham, Jesus, Mary, St. Francis, Moses, and some Archangels are among the list of Masters.

The Ascended Masters are teachers in the most useful and practical ways, in addition to the metaphysical and esoteric. They can help us grow in any area of our lives, as each Master has his/her own “specialty” or mission. They help us achieve our Highest Purpose, which is to become awake, aware, take responsibility for our own “salvation”, and attend to our personal growth and ascension process. These loving Master Teachers help us elevate our thought and increase our spiritual connection. They share their wisdom and provide inspiration whenever needed and sought. They inspire us to grow into the happiest and most balanced spiritual beings in human form that we can be during our lifetime.

We are all “Ascended Masters in the making”!

Many believe that at some point in the history of humankind that we will “bring Heaven to Earth” or in other words, learn to live on this planet within the part of our consciousness that exists in the Higher Dimensions. There are already people with extra strands of DNA in existence today. As a race, we are “spiritualizing” at this time in our evolution, meaning that we are bringing more light into our physical, cellular and DNA structures. Many millions of those on Earth are already spiritualized to a greater degree than ever before. These people embody qualities of the 4th and 5th Dimensions, and a smaller number are connected to even higher dimensions. This spiritual acceleration of the human race is assisted, in part, by the Ascended Master Realm.

As ascending people, we are constantly inspired (consciously, unconsciously and in the dream state) by these Teachers who guide, protect, and heal us as individuals and as a race. Ascended Masters have given many of our earthly teachers, scientists, inventors, artists, healers, parents etc. “spontaneous” ideas, received through intuition. Ascended Masters work so closely with us that we may or may not be aware of their presence. Thus, such inspired ideas, creations, and actions feel like they come from our own minds! Not to worry, though, because these Masters act only with love and best intentions. Remember that we have free will, even on unconscious levels, and have the ability to decline help offered at any time. Masters, Angels and other High Beings respect our individual paths and decisions

Developing Contact with Masters 
Although the Masters can and do work with us on unconscious levels, it is greatly beneficial to us if we get to know them, what they do, and call upon them regularly. Like Angels, we can open ourselves to them through conscious contact and thus deepen our spiritual understanding and raise our personal vibration.

The Internet
Thousands of pages of information can be found on the Internet. Ascended Master Teachings, lore, traditions and history are immensely interesting and will probably start you on a quest to know more! Youtube has many videos of people channeling any number of Masters. Abraham-Hicks is one great way to start if you can’t decide.

Oracle Cards
A simple way to begin with this wonderful Realm is to obtain an oracle deck such as Doreen Virtue’s “Ascended Master” deck. There are many such decks created by numerous authors and artists. You can be inspired by starting your day by choosing three cards from a deck and simply focus on the depictions and artwork to sense each Master in an intuitive way. Next, read the corresponding chapter in the handbook that accompanies each deck. Over time, you will discover that some will resonate deeply and you may choose to go further in your relationship with him/her.

Here is a simple meditation to use to connect with Ascended Masters:

  • Find a quiet place that feels clear and sacred to you.
  • Light a candle, burn incense, use vibrational tools as you prefer.
  • Take a number of deep, diaphragmatic breaths.  Sit in stillness with an open heart.
  • Say an affirmative prayer and/or set the intention to receive AM wisdom or to connect with a specific Master. You may ask for direct guidance and inspiration regarding any issue in your life.
  • Remain in quiet receptivity.  You may begin to receive messaging, or it may be “downloaded” for future use.
  • Always remember to thank all the beings who guide and care for you.

For those of you who are already experienced channels, you know what to do! First, channel Masters for wisdom for yourself and to develop relationships with them. Then do your thing! A great way to start channeling Masters is to meditate (as in the above exercise or in your own special way) and upon opening your eyes, take pen to paper and write whatever comes. You will be amazed!

Remember that you are an Ascended Master in the making! They will help you achieve your Highest Purpose in this lifetime, and give helpful information along the way.

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