You probably already know that everything is energy. Thoughts, emotions, memories, intentions, healing, creativity, and everything in the natural world is energy. Relationships are bonds created with energy. Since you are the Master of your own energy, it is important to remember that you have choices.

Let go of self-blame and guilt, because we are after all “spiritual beings on a human journey”. We are practicing the re-membering of our eternal, unchanging nature here on this little marble called earth. Pain is one of our most important teachers! Forgive and love yourself for being human, and use the pain as a catalyst for growth.

Healing the past is all about getting to “neutral”. You know you are in neutrality when you think of a person, event or experience and it has no misery, no fire, no rage, no intense emotion attached. When the memory arises, it feels as though it actually happened to someone else.
​“Stand porter at the door of thought. Admitting only such conclusions as you wish realized in bodily results, you will control yourself harmoniously.” – Mary Baker Eddy

For many of us, the most difficult step toward healing the past is owning your pain and taking personal responsibility for healing it. It’s so important to accept that feeling happy and at peace is an “inside job”, and no one else can do that work for you.

If you are blaming others for your pain, waiting for them to change, you are placing yourself into a passive victim stance. If you continue to believe that your happiness depends on someone else making a change, you can expect repeated disappointment and resentment. Blaming others and expecting them to act differently is a cycle of hopelessness.

What about those people who hurt us but are now deceased? We continue old thought and behavioral patterns and sometimes continue to act them out with others. Allow yourself to be aware of these issues and identify resistance to releasing when it appears. Recognizing the ego’s resistance to change is part of the process. As the old saying goes “You’ve got to feel it to heal it!” Know that healing our issues with those who have passed on is primarily the same process as it would be if they were still here.

Accepting that you have absolutely no control over any person, place or thing, in the past or present opens your heart with the courage to delve into the hurt places and eventually learn to let go with love. Taking charge of your own well-being, without blaming or shaming yourself, is an act of true empowerment!

In those painful times when a memory of abuse, trauma, neglect, addiction-related experiences, humiliation and so forth arise in your thought and emotional body, take a pause, before you speak or act, and make a decision to think differently.

This often requires intense shadow work. It is a process. It may take a minute, a month, a year or a decade to accomplish. Know that your process is unique so continue to honor yourself and maintain all self-care routines diligently. You need YOU right now! Be present for yourself, which might mean being a bit less present for others for a while.

Healing Your Past… Changing Thoughts

1) The past isn’t about the past, it is about the quality of your present. Tell yourself “I AM OK today”.
2) Say the “Serenity Prayer”.
3) Remember that the thoughts and memories aren’t the real problem, it is your emotional attachment and resulting reaction to them.
4) Notice the various ways you keep these memories alive. These awarenesses are the seeds of healing.
5) Decide to stop reviewing the “stories” in your mind.
6) Remind yourself that “Energy flows where attention goes”, and know that you are the master of your own energy! Choose an activity that enhances your energy immediately.
7) Say to the memory or thought “STOP. CANCEL. DELETE”, then replace it with a positive affirmation.
8) Stop talking about the stories. This magnifies their importance and power. It can also cause great stress or even secondary trauma to yourself and to those with whom you speak.
9) Keep a journal of the awarenesses that come to you as you begin this process of healing the past.

This work involves absolute diligence for a period of time. Eventually this process becomes second nature, and can totally sever those neurologically hard-wired thought loops! Your thought life will dramatically improve and these skills will transfer to all manner of life issues.

The Next Step

Frequently people are left wondering what to do after years of psychotherapy and spiritual practice haven’t yet brought enough relief. Some issues, particularly those that arise from your early years, may require more extensive therapeutic intervention. You may choose from a variety of holistic tools to release, restore balance and transmute what was painful into personal/spiritual freedom!
You may benefit from one or a series of different treatments. Trying a new type of treatment or a series of them could bring on an energetic shift. Some clients benefit from a progressive succession such as: a psychic reading then healing meditation/channeling sessions, some angel therapy, Reiki sessions, then moving on to proven and intensive work such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique/tapping) or a customized Life Coaching/Spiritual Counseling program with a highly trained professional.
You can do this! We all need help sometimes, so if you find yourself unable to let go, transmute and get to neutral with your past on your own, here are some options.

Effective Tools for Releasing Old Patterns

First, choose a modality that resonates. Ask trusted friends and professionals for referrals. Have a consultation before committing to any practitioner long term. Ask for references, unless you know people who have had positive experiences with them and trust their opinions. Most of all, ask your Highest Self, or your angels, or your God for direction, and allow the choice to be made from your innermost knowing or intuition.

1) Reiki and other energy work
2) Body Work
3) EFT
4) Spiritual Mind Treatment
5) Hypnotherapy
6) Meditative Healing Sessions
7) Angel Therapy
8) Holistic Psychotherapy
9) Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
10) Regular attendance at a church, society or fellowship within the “New Thought Movement” such as Science of Mind or Christian Science (this will require self-study and most likely Spiritual Mind Treatments with a trained professional)

NOTE: Scientology is NOT a new thought church, and is not recommended.

I wish you the best on your path toward uncovering your innate freedom, wholeness and joy!

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