I recently put up a YouTube video on the topic of food, vibration, weight and self-love. This is a topic that has affected my life since childhood! I’ve learned a few things that have brought me to inner peace and self-acceptance.

I have spent most of my life, until the last few years, watching my food habits vary greatly as my weight went up and down. I was conditioned to believe as a child that I was “defective”, “less than”, and “unlovable” due to being fuller figured than society’s opinion of “normal”. Thus I found punishing and destructive ways to cope. I created some hard-wired default mechanisms. Most of those negative thought loops were culturally conditioned lies that I eventually adopted as my own. My mood and self-esteem was on a rollercoaster ride. I didn’t know much about vibration back then…..

There have been times in life when food was or is used for comfort, grounding, celebrating, as a mood changer, to relax, or to forget about Life for a while. Hmmm…..these seem to be important reasons and a go-to mode for when there were no other available “tools”. Food was a survival strategy, and extra weight grounded me when I didn’t know any other way. I bless all the food I’ve eaten and every weight change, because it was all experience that helped me in the long run.

Regret never heals anything….and love heals all.

Then one day a powerful piece of guidance came through: “Love yourself well”. First thing I did was give up hard core deprivation dieting. It never worked anyway, over time. Second, I decided to swap out one food that felt low-vibe to me: potato chips. I felt liberation, not deprivation! I chose other healthy, organic crunchy foods that were very satisfying. If one day chips felt like a great idea, I ate them and let it go. No ruminating or berating.

What I found along my self-love journey was that as I very slowly started swapping out one food at a time for a healthier version, my mood and vibration started to shift and I found kindness and compassion for myself. Little by little, the negative self-talk about weight and food quieted and stopped for the most part. These changes came from inside, from the part of me that was connected to Source, or God.

In the video, I talk about the vibration of food. Many of you are so aware that fresh, organic and local produce is of a high vibration. Some believe that meat eating is a low-vibe activity, and if it feels that way to you, then it will be! Food needs are unique to each individual, so it’s best to refrain from judgment about what food is best for anyone else.

I have found that a combination of 3-5 days a week eating vegetarian and the other days eating humanely raised, antibiotic free, grass fed organic meats works well for me.

There truly is no right nor wrong from a Source perspective! Judgment of self or others is a low vibrational activity. What matters is feeling good about yourself. What doesn’t matter: Anyone else’s opinion about any of it.

Here’s a plan that might work for you: love and accept yourself just as you are. Your food and weight do not define you. Focus on the parts of your Divine Self that you love! I would guess that if you are reading this that you are sensitive, care about the wellbeing of humans and the planet, take good care of those you love, are very bright, kind, compassionate, unique, creative, and more. Take note of all your gifts, smile more, and enjoy life!

As spiritual beings, The Law of Polarity inevitably brings us contrast. We experience many lessons that teach us what we don’t want, find out what it is we do want and then we EXPAND into higher vibrational states of being! Bless it all! Appreciate everything!

The Law of Attraction is the grand force in the Universe that we can tap into whenever we have a strong desire. If we want to attract lifestyle changes such as food and weight, the FIRST step is to release resistance so we can receive all inner guidance that is helpful and healthy.

How to release resistance and embody unconditional self-love and acceptance:

First, remember that this is a process, not a destination! Herein lies the work of anything in Life that is worth having! Ask for help (human or spiritual) whenever needed….As humans, we require regular support, ideas and skills to attract the important changes in life!

-Gently release yourself from those punishing, demeaning thoughts and speech about yourself. Replace them with positive, loving, kind self-communications.

-Give no airtime to your food/weight stories. Stop telling the stories! That’s the past. Stay present as much as you can, and don’t expect perfection. Stay in the moment where all the Power is. Embrace your humanity as well as your Divinity!

-Release thoughts of why or how or poor me and any such victim mentality. This is so energy draining and serves no beneficial purpose. Remember that you are a Master Co-Creator!

-Trust that you are being guided, and that All is Truly Well, no matter what conditions seem to be.

-Let go of worrying about what to eat. Acceptance and self-love will lead you to listen to your body, and it will tell you what it needs! The body is very wise.

-Release judgement of yourself and others around food and weight. If you are judging others, you are judging yourself. Unless your free will wants to continue judging! That’s ok too, maybe you aren’t quite ready to change. Each lovely soul has its own perfect timeline for everything.

-Send love, appreciation and gratitude to everything you eat and drink. Remember Dr. Emoto’s studies on the effects of positive words and thoughts on the vibration of water and plants? Kind and loving words and feelings change the molecular structure to a higher, healing vibration. This includes any foods that you think are off limits!

-Think about those 70 million cells in your body, which are consciousness floating in water for the most part. If plants thrive with love, imagine the immense power in loving your cells so well that they adapt and make metabolic changes so that whatever you eat can be a cooperative component to wellbeing!

As your vibration rises from all that self-love and acceptance, you will start to naturally listen to your body, and it will happily tell you what you need. You are perfect now, and as you change you will also be perfect! I eat so many more healthy foods now since I stopped focusing on weight and food and simply focusing on loving myself and non-judgement. I’m no longer at war with my body, I am at peace. My contentment has no bearing on my weight.

I would also recommend that you stop looking for reasons why you are bigger or eat more. It doesn’t matter! Trust that your body needs certain foods and a certain amount of body mass to feel at ease. This shifts and changes over time, especially when you let go and allow inner guidance and body wisdom run the show, instead of the brain. Best Wishes!

Update: Since this article was written, I was gently guided toward a food plan that suited me perfectly! It includes a bit of accountability and support. I have slowly and easily released 24 pounds over the past few months. It took about 2 years to get here, Loving Myself Well!

I wish you infinite blessings!

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