We all have moments of negativity and contrast, and sometimes it’s not easy to know what to do with it.  This happens to all of us!

Dumping negativity (as in a negative monologue) on someone in order to lighten your heavy load OR complaining to anyone who will listen does not flow with inner peace nor the Law of Attraction.  Nor do those activities provide relief.  In fact, they tend to make the problems seem bigger!

Keeping everything inside and ruminating on negativity doesn’t help either.  Other than with Math and other types of logical and linear activities, our human brain isn’t the place where we heal or find answers to emotional/spiritual issues. 

If you are like me, sometimes b.s. gets stuck in my head and puts me in thought knots!  Then I start a downward emotional spiral.  Not fun.

Time to ask for help!

If I’m really in a twist, I like to set up a time to start processing with a trusted friend or mentor who knows at least as much as I do about energy and how to move and transmute it.  Or a person who is really GREAT with active listening.

There is a BIG energetic difference between complaining (and its cousins self-pity and victim mentality) and effective processing.

So what’s the difference?  Negative monologues and complaining are low vibrational activities mostly because they continue to lower your vibe and the vibe of whomever might be listening.  Not helpful. 

Some people with some understanding of the Law of Attraction don’t want to express negativity AT ALL because they think they would be going down their Vibrational Spiral and LOA might catch them and send them more b.s. 

NOTE:  There are effective ways to discuss, deal, feel and heal with another that are certainly in line with our personal vibration and the LOA.

Some tips for effective processing:

ENGAGE IN POSITIVE DISTRACTIONS!  Before you meet with your chosen friend or Mentor, engage in positive distractions, like taking a nap, bathing, cleaning the house etc. Practice self-soothing

CONNECT WITH YOUR HIGHEST SELF, or divinity. Practice grounding techniques to start the energetic shift.  Connect with your Inner Being through art, music, dance, or nature….

 In other words, STOP or at least SLOW DOWN the repetitive negative thoughts.  That starts the forward energetic momentum you seek.

SET A POSITIVE INTENTION:  Before you start talking about it, it’s a great idea to gain some energetic traction with intentions such as:

I intend to talk with _____ in order to bring my confusion to clarity.

I intend to feel better as a result of this conversation.

I intend to open to my Higher Self, to receive its wisdom and light.

I intend to let go of whatever no longer serves my Highest Good.

We can use the Law of Attraction in so many ways, including changing our negative thoughts and emotions through talking with someone we really trust.

Are you in thought knots or emotional spirals?  Need a bit of guidance?  I can help.  See links below.

Blessings of Light and Clarity to All,

-Rev. Denise M. Roberge

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