If you are like me, a sensitive and intuitive person to the core, there are times when sadness, anxiety and fear take over. The old adage “You’ve got to feel it to heal it” is so true, so let’s discuss some ways to be our own best friend during these low-vibing times.

First, I like to ask myself

“If my sister or best friend was feeling this way, what would I say to them? How might I help them?” Then do just that for YOURSELF!

Maybe I would remind them (or self) that this too shall pass, just like all the other times.

I would just sit and be a supportive witness for them (or self).

When they (or self) starts to obsessively wallow , I use the positive distraction activities.

Intention: not to give those obsessive, negative thought loops too much time or attention. We would all benefit from a break from that action for the time being!

More questions I ask myself:

  • What or who triggered this meltdown?
  • When has this happened before?
  • Does the person or situation remind me of something from my past?”.

TIP: It is not helpful to ruminate on these questions. Simply and gently open the discussion for yourself. When you have some emotional space, you may want to write the answers to these questions in a journal.

So how do we “feel to heal” and not drown in our own feelings?

How can we give emotions enough air time for them to release and serve their valuable purpose without obsessing and prolonging the suffering?
Here are a few tips:
While you are crying or releasing emotions, do it deeply and loudly for a while. Let it all come up and out to the best of your ability. If crying alone isn’t your thing, call a trusted person to do this with.

Then imagine yourself watching yourself, as if it were a movie.. Step away from the emotions and witness them, own them, allow compassion to enter. You’ll know when it’s time to settle yourself down. Listen to your emotional and physical bodies. You have

great inner guidance! Trust this process without judgment.

  • Use a breathing practice. Then use a grounding practice. Get into your body with movement, bathing, singing, stomping or whatever feels appropriate to you.
  • Speak kindly to yourself. Say and/or write things like “You’ve been here before, and recovered 100% of the time!”. “What other people think is none of my business”. “Feelings are not facts.” “My inner guidance is always working on my behalf.”. “God (or the Universe or Spirit etc.) hasn’t brought me this far to drop me now!”. Get creative! Find soothing statements that remind you that All is Well, You are Enough, Your Best is Good enough, You are loved, loving and Lovable, and more!
  • Find a positive distraction, when you are ready. Something calming that involves minimal thought. I like to go outside, take care of my plants, take a nap, pat my dog, do dishes, or organize something.
  • Coloring, drawing, painting and other creative pursuits are terrific!
  • Play some of your favorite music. Dance or sing if the spirit moves you!
  • When you are ready, write a list of all of your positive aspects.
  • Make a gratitude list. There’s always something to be grateful for!


Walk yourself back up your vibrational spiral! Remember, you are never alone unless you choose to be. Reach out and ask for help. Feelings, meltdowns, anxiety and fear are all part of the soul’s human journey.

Emotions are our best learning tools, so practice honoring them all!

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