Spiritual Mentorship

Are you a seeker? Do you see where you are now and have a desire to expand in mind/body/spirit? Do you feel a lack of joy and fun? Are you feeling stuck, blocked and overwhelmed? Maybe you are feeling unsure of the next sacred steps along your journey. You have been on a healing path for a while, and desire information, support, and new ways of thinking and thriving in the world.

I recognize through my own experiences of emotional/spiritual growth that I found the most momentum while working with a resonant healing mentor. A person or group that energized me and facilitated a shift in perspective. This inner work led me to find paths to empowerment and vitality in all areas of Life! It is my deepest desire to give back to you what was so lovingly given to me.

We are social creatures in a culture that values independence and self-reliance. At OMSS, we know that interpersonal connectedness is paramount, and that “going it alone” can be stressful. It is well proven that stress creates imbalances and these imbalances can bring on any number of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual symptoms that the medical and psychiatric systems haven’t found answers to as of yet.

What does it mean to be “spiritual”? The answer is unique to each individual. The short answer is that to be spiritual means to attend to those gifts, qualities, and actions that you value the most in Life. One need not follow any particular path to live a spiritual life. OMSS respects and honors all paths to wholeness and inner peace. Spirituality is a flow of values, desires, and an outlook on Life that feels perfect for you!


How I Can Help You!


Navigating this spiritual journey in a physical body requires that we develop a sense of who we are amidst the densities of living on this planet. I can help you evolve into your vision of your Highest Self! Together we can identify the specifics of what you seek and address them energetically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Spirituality and Metaphysics have been my passion my entire life! The serious study of Metaphysics began with amazing spiritual awakenings which started as a young girl. Going back to school in 2010 to become certified as an Independent Ordained Metaphysical/Pandenominational Minister vastly ramped up my gifts! In addition, my 30+ years as a counselor, therapist and Social Worker bring a set of skills that can be extremely helpful to you. I utilize a comprehensive set of practices that are individually tailored to meet the needs of each seeker.

One of my greatest pleasures in Life is to be your biggest cheerleader! It is with great joy and total expectation of wellbeing that I provide this variety of personalized services. I look forward to meeting YOU, and walking with you through this new chapter of your amazing evolution!


I offer you these highly effective modalities:


For All Seekers

Channeled Intuitive Life Readings (a single session)

Clarity and Focus Sessions (one to three sessions)

Quantum Reiki Sessions (single or ongoing)



For those seeking ongoing, deep work

Strategic Mentoring

Advanced Mentoring

(duration of your choice, short/med/long term)

“In a world of spiritual shysters, Denise is the real deal. Her compassion and insight will help you break through patterns you may not have even been aware of. Using multi dimensional modalities, she has the ability to cut through the bulls**t and get right to the heart of the matter…your heart.”


(Best selling author)