We have been blessed with the eternal presence and assistance of loving, helpful Universal Energies and Beings of the highest vibration. The colors of the first 7 Rays correspond with the 7 Chakra system that you may be familiar with. Color is a tool for vibrational healing in so many ways! Rays 5-8 deal with our Higher Selves and Higher Aspects.

The 12 Rays of God is a spiritual tradition that helps to organize part of the infinite nature of these Energies into a practical and accessible system. Knowing about the qualities of each Ray brings us wisdom and light to tap into on an everyday basis.

In case you missed Part One, here is the link “The Power and Practice of the 12 Rays of God” which provides an overview of this amazing system.

As stated in Part 1, each Ray is associated with a color, a chakra, qualities of being, virtues, teachings, modes of expression, an etheric retreat, a planet, certain crystals, a day of the week, essential oils and so on. Each ray is associated with cosmic beings such as Archangels and their feminine aspects called Archaea, Ascended Masters/Bodhisattvas, and Elohim.

Each Ray has a “leader” called a Chohan, and the master of Chohans is called The Mahachohan. Note that as we grow and ascend, so do the Chohans. This accounts for the differences in details that exist in teachings from various earthly sources. Their positions in the Heavenly Hierarchy can change as they ascend in frequency, which also accounts for some differing information. Also, Ascended Masters and Archangels can be Chohan for one Ray, but also have connections and roles within other Rays as well.

Note: Sources differ a bit as to some of the qualities of each Ray. There are several sources for this information. The Seven Ray tradition, for example, may give a different color for a Ray than the 12 or 22 Ray traditions. As you study, however, you will find that the most important information varies very little overall.

Overview of The First Ray-Red Ray

Red is the first visible color in the rainbow spectrum. The First Ray is red and is an energy of will, power, and drive. It is connected with vitality, initiative, and forward movement. It assists the planet to break down outworn structures and pave the way for the new. It is a very dynamic energy. Those upon this Ray have a strong personal power, which depending on the person’s soul mission, can be helpful and healing or conflicted. The Chakra most often associated with the Red Ray is the First, or Base Chakra. It is also strongly associated with the Solar Plexus, the seat of human will.

First Ray people will often rise to the top of their given profession or avocation. They are born leaders. The approach of this type of person to the spiritual path is through sheer force of will. First Ray people make excellent commanders and chiefs. Examples are Napoleon, Winston Churchill, and Christopher Columbus (who ascended and is now Master Saint Germain, who holds the office of Mahachohan).

Many outstanding sports figures are of this type. Many times after the Red Ray comes forward, the other Rays then take over to continue the soul’s growth. The First Ray in a sense is connected with the energy of Aries. Someone influenced by the First Red Ray can often begin a project then find other things to do!


Power: Vitality, initiative, thrust, breaks down the old and makes way for the new, detachment, courage, clear vision, strength.
Vices: Pride, ambition, willfulness, arrogance, desire to control others.
Virtues to be acquired: Tenderness, humility, sympathy, tolerance, patience
First Ray is very dynamic energy and should be used with discernment

Archangel Uriel and his counterpart Aurora, or Lady Grace

 Archangel Uriel rules over the Red Ray. His name means ‘Fire of God’, ‘Flame of God’, ‘Light of God’, ‘God’s Light’, or ‘God is Light’, ‘God is My Light’, ‘Radiation of God’, ‘God is the Radiating Principle of Light’. His symbol is the lightning flash that he uses to bring flashes of inspiration.

Archangel Uriel is the Archangel of the North, rules over the element of Earth, and relates to the astrological signs of Aquarius, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

Archangel Uriel brings the concept and practice of alchemy and the ability to manifest onto the Earth plane. Archangel Uriel assists with Earth changes, alchemy, problem-solving and solution-finding, spiritual understanding, studies, learning and education, weather and writing.

Aurora is of the Realm of the Archaea. Aurora is the Divine Feminine aspect of Uriel, and they work together as a unified energy. The Archaea are often referred to as the Twin Flame of an archangel. This feminine aspect serves to manifest the Sacred Masculine ideas and energies to the earth.

Aurora is known as Lady Grace. She is also called “Rainbow Aurora” because she works with all the colors in the 12 Rays. The Aurora Borealis is one of the natural outpourings of Light reaching us on the planet. Aurora and the all the colors of the 12 Rays serve to spiritualize the planet and unite all its kingdoms, thus serving as a bridge between the heavenly realms and earth. Aurora, as with all Archaea, is a feminine aspect of the God Principle.

Chohan of the First Ray: El Morya

The Ascended Master El Morya holds the office of Chohan (Lord) of the First Ray of God’s Will. He represents the Godly attributes of courage, certainty, power, forthrightness, self-reliance, dependability, faith and initiative. These are the qualities of the Father principle—the statesman, the executive, the ruler. El Morya has an etheric retreat which is located above the foothills of the Himalayas above the city of Darjeeling, India.

Elohim: Hercules and Amazonia

The Elohim who serve the first Ray of God’s will, power and strength are Hercules and Amazonia. Their etheric retreat is located over Mount Half Dome in Yosemite National Park. They were the first energies to accept the heroic job of assisting in the creation of Planet Earth out of the primordial spiritual life essence.


When healing with, invoking or manifesting, crystals can amplify any energy. So, when meditating or setting intentions using first ray power, crystals can help. Crystals that are red or rust mixed with orange, brown, green, or yellow are generally helpful. Red crystals are used when the situation needs passion: active, involved, energetic action. Red empowers, uplifts, and engulfs. It cures apathy. It gets things done. Red is action and drive.

If you are suffering from a lack of power, listlessness, or a low emotional state, you need more red. Like the scarlet ray, the red ray brings us a self-confidence built on fearlessness. When the need is for action without hesitation or self-doubt, use a crystal with a fiery ray of bright red.
Jasper, fire opal, amber, and basalt are some examples. Always use your intuition and guidance, and call upon El Morya and Uriel and Aurora to guide you.

There is so much more that could be said about The First or Red Ray of God, but this overview gives you a place to start. Next month will cover the Second Ray, so stay tuned! The Rays all work together in our spiritual lives as well as the more 3rd-dimensional aspects, and can most certainly help us to raise our vibration and ascend.

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Sending Rainbow Blessings of Light!

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