​Serving the Light and the 5th Dimension

This article is an invitation for all to explore the Oneness of being
​and some highly effective healing ideas.

We are Lightworkers. There are many millions of us. Some are “spiritual”, some are not. Do we need to know about the 12 Rays in order to heal ourselves and others? No. There are secular, scientific, cognitive and ethics-based paths toward Ascension (aka personal growth and development) that use no spiritual language nor tradition, and are just as effective and loving for many.

We are each an amalgam of our culture, family traditions, and experience and have incarnated at this time to follow a unique path. If we believe in acceptance and non-judgment, then it follows that we cannot think any less of anyone’s path. We cannot know the hows and whys of anyone’s choices in life.

For those of us who were raised in Western religions, spiritual language and metaphysical concepts involving Spirit may be very comfortable with the 12 Rays. The language of this tradition comes from a Judeo-Christian perspective.

The 12 Rays is a metaphysical tradition that resonates for some and not for others. Some see it as too “religious” and in some ways the 12 ways resemble religion. The focus on Angels and the use of the word “heaven”, for example, certainly has been explored and taught by major religions. Some see the word “God” or “Source” as religious and avoid any path that resembles “religion” for their own personal reasons.

You are encouraged to translate any words or phrases that feel “religious” into “energy” if you like. In your mind, exchange “soul” for “Higher Self”. The word “spirit” can be substituted with “inner self”. Change the word “heaven” into “joy” or “bliss”.

The word “Angel” can be expressed as “love energy” or “spiritual intuition”.
For the Christians among us, use the word Christ or Christ consciousness anywhere that seems fitting to you.

This writer believes that Ultimate Truth is translatable. To be clearer,

These words are almost always interchangeable. The ideas and practices can be used by the secular, the scientist who believes that all is Energy, someone in a traditional religion, and those who consider themselves spiritual.

Take what you like and leave the rest!

Archangels, Angels and Ascended Masters – Their Roles in Mastery
The Angels and Archangels are pure divine rays of Light. They are messengers of hope, inspiration, and love. They are the torch bearers of Heaven, illuminating humanity’s path to the Infinite Light when needed and invited. They lead those souls who have the courage to do their inner work, face their shadows and remain committed to their souls’ Highest Purpose. Actually, they help anyone who asks for help. As Lightworkers/Energy Practitioners they help us to let go of anything that blocks us from The Truth of Our Being, which is pure Love. For example, they assist us in letting go of conditioning, old ways of thought that no longer serve, fear, insecurity, and lower vibrational patterns of behavior. They lead us to Freedom. To call them into our lives on a daily basis accelerates our spiritualization and brings us to our Mastery.

Because there is light, darkness does not survive. Where the light shines brightly there are no shadows. Grayness, oppression, and misery vanish. This is known to us through our Celestial Body, our Divine Template. With every surrender to Light, we open up all of our physical and subtle bodies to receive more spiritualization. Opening to the Angels and Archangels is a valuable pathway to Mastery, and staying true to this practice of receiving angelic assistance brings us hope and peace, even when this earth tries to show us otherwise.

The Ascended Masters and Bodhisattvas also lead us to the victory of spiritualization and resulting personal and collective Mastery. Develop personal relationships with these magnificent teachers/healers. Talk with them, invoke them consistently, use their oracle cards, and read material about them. They are so happy to walk with you along your earthly path, so allow them to tend to their mission! They are as graced by working with us as we are with them.

Moving Humanity into the 5th and Upper Dimensions
When you are faced with clients or any other human conditions that present beliefs/symptoms of despair, dis-ease, despondency, or pain, know that their birthright is Freedom and that it is in their Divine Blueprint. As a light-bearer, you are able (with assistance from other High-Frequency beings) to unblock these energetic issues, release them to be transmuted, assist with spiritualizing their cells, enliven their energy systems, and help them find Freedom.

Earthly beings, who exist in a linear-appearing framework, will usually re-member their innate freedom step by step, issue by issue. Know that the work you facilitate is valuable and that they are already free! Visualize their perfection, light, and essence of love. As you hold this vision, they begin to stir inside with remembrance of the Truth of Being. It may appear to be slow or fast, but know that your work is effective no matter what the human presentation may appear to be.

There are times when you see earthly systems appearing to fall apart. You will see what appears to be death and destruction. You will see injustice, oppression, violence, and exploitation. KNOW THIS: these are signs that major changes are coming! Never lose hope, because the Light always brings victory. Darkness must be exposed so the Light-bearers can do their work.

THIS IS THE TIME IN HUMAN EVOLUTION THAT THE DARKNESS WILL BE TRANSMUTED! This is why you are here now, Lightworkers. We work with individuals, societies, systems, environments, governments and more as conduits of love and light so as to co-create Divinity and Wholeness on the planet. There are enough Lightworkers now that within a generation or so humanity will witness a great shift from the 3rd and 4th Dimensions to the 5th and 6th Dimensions. There are beings on Earth already who are living and demonstrating the upper dimensions. There always have been, but humanity has now reached the necessary Critical Mass which has saved this planet and will continue to spiritualize it.

Light-bearers of all types are in service in their unique ways. Some don’t use such metaphysical language or techniques because it is not necessary. They are aware of their deepest passion to improve the earth, and that is not only enough, it is in divine perfection.

As Lightworkers, we do not separate ourselves from other humans who are co-creating a harmonious planet in ways that are different than ours. We are no better and no worse than any other being or institution that follows her/his/its passion and destiny. We celebrate all efforts and honor all paths! The earth needs every single one of us in service, from the homeless people who care for their comrades, to those who clean our streets, to the sensitive empaths who listen with compassion, to the teachers of our children, to those who provide environmental services, to the mothers and fathers of the children, to the activists for freedom from oppression, to the organic farmers, to the animal protectors, and so very many more. One need not be outwardly “spiritual” in any way to be an effective part of this Grand Shift.

An important point to remember is that from an upper dimensional standpoint, there are no gradations of Good. One good is equal to any other good. The person that has practically no money to his name but makes it a practice to share whatever s/he has with another who needs it is equal to the person who writes an inspirational spiritual book that changes thousands or millions of lives and becomes the biggest Philanthropist of all time!

The same principle applies in our daily lives. Buying a hungry person a small meal is just as good of a “good deed” as a Reiki Master who provides a session for free or at a discount to someone in need. Simply following simple spiritual practices with loving intent, such as commitment to smile at every person one meets, is as honorable as any other path to wholeness. The “pay it forward” movement, such as buying something for the next person in line, is another healing spiritual practice.

Saint Theresa of Lisieux, a French nun who died at the age of 24 after a terrible illness, teaches the “Path of the Little Way”. She entered the convent at the age of fourteen and became very ill. This was a very austere place, and for the most part, speaking was forbidden. Her autobiography “The Story of a Soul” is inspiring as well as historically interesting because it speaks of a time when true physical pain and sacrifice was aspired to by some.

From Wikipedia: “In her quest for sanctity, she believed that it was not necessary to accomplish heroic acts, or great deeds, in order to attain holiness and to express her love of God.[88]
St. Theresa wrote:
Love proves itself by deeds, so how am I to show my love? Great deeds are forbidden me. The only way I can prove my love is by scattering flowers and these flowers are every little sacrifice, every glance and word, and the doing of the least actions for love”

Her motto was “Do little things with great love”. St. Theresa is also known as “The Little Flower” and will send a rose or flowers to someone who petitions her.

We humbly serve the Light, knowing we are only a part of the Grand Plan to bring Heaven to Earth. Serve with dignity, gratitude, and confidence. Humility is sacred and knowing that one path is equal to any other is a spiritual imperative for us.

Author’s Note: What have you enjoyed the most about the 12 Ray series so far? Would you like Part 5 to give a detailed overview of the next Ray, which would be the 4th Ray? Do you have other Metaphysical topics that you would like to hear more about? Thank you for responding to any or all of these questions.

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