Uplevel Your Intuition

Do you find yourself looking for repeating numbers, birds, and other signs? Sometimes you just “know” stuff through your Empathic sensibility. You may own some Oracle Cards but only use them privately. Do you have prophetic or vivid dreams? Do you receive downloads of information through meditation or channeling? Well, if you would like to magnify your innate gifts and use them more consciously, this is a program for you!


Uplevel Your Intuition!

As humanity ascends at a rapid pace, more and more of us are finding a direct line of communication with our Higher Consciousness, which could be called by many different names, such as Source Guidance, God, The Universe, the Highest Self, Angels, Saints, Guides, Master Teachers, The Unified Field and more.

As a Master Teacher, Intuitive Channel and Oracle Card Reader for over 32 years, I’ve worked with hundreds of folks on these topics. One client has vivid dreams of a mediumistic nature (related to people who have crossed over). Another “knows” what her differently-abled students are feeling and thinking. Many receive signs from their surroundings (in nature, the clouds, street signs, music etc.) that are deeply resonant and significant. More and more are using Automatic Writing, Meditative Techniques, and tools such as Oracle cards, crystals, tea leaves etc. for spiritual inspiration.

Very few have a clear idea of where these experiences come from. Some were downright frightened and came to me to “clear negativity and fear”, when in fact it was simply unexpected messaging from beyond that wanted to be heard.

Communication between dimensions is a most natural event. It happens to all of us fairly constantly, be it in a conscious or less-than-conscious manner. Once certain information is garnered, any potential fear is expelled. Allowing oneself to be a conduit of Source messaging is so helpful to oneself and possibly to others as well!

It is certainly a healing gift that can bless all.

About the Course

This is a personalized and customized service, so the number of sessions will vary according to your desires.

***It is absolutely experiential, and you will practice stretching your Intuitive muscles in every session!

***Some meditating, reading and writing homework will be assigned as warranted.

***Your program will be tailored to your personal gifts, interests, and needs
***If there is enough interest, you will be invited to join a supportive Facebook Group of like-minded souls!

These are some informative modules covered:

  • Ethics and Best Practices
  • Our Personal Connection to the Universe
  • The Importance of Daily Spiritual Practice
  • How necessary is meditation
  • Vibrational Awareness and Grounding
  • Creating Sacred Space
  • The Role of Imagination
  • Spiritual/Energetic Wellness
  • What is the “Third Eye”?
  • The Role of the Pineal Gland
  • How to enhance the health of the Pineal Gland
  • Who am I communicating with anyway?
  • What is a Channel?
  • Lucid Dreaming
  • Automatic Writing
  • Oracle Card Reading
  • Mediumship 101


(an initial paid session to explore your needs)


“Denise is a true light worker. Through her, I have found clarity. I found myself in a dark night of the soul. Through a reiki session and just her wisdom, I was able to get through that time, connect to source and meditate with intent. “