Vibrational Wellness Experiences:  Energy and Meditative Healing

Everything is vibrational. Vibrational and meditative practices will serve your body/mind/spirit by helping you to relax, learn to unblock, tap into your intuition and creativity and generate flow with your innermost being. Find your innate ability to heal and be free!

As vibrational (or energetic) beings, we flow between various frequencies regularly. Thus, human beings find themselves in various states of mind, moods, attitudes, resilience, emotions and well-being. We are most at peace when our Vibrational Anatomy (or Aura) is in harmony with our innermost energetic/spiritual Self.

In this world of apparent duality, we can find ourselves repeating old patterns (consciously or unconsciously), feeling powerless, and experiencing conflict, stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue, difficult physical conditions, and even primary or secondary trauma states.

All experiences are energetic because everything is vibrational. When denied or ignored, energies sit in various locations in our mind/body systems and our energy flow can be disrupted or blocked.

If you are feeling unbalanced in some way, Vibrational Wellness Experiences are available to help your body/mind to relax, teach itself to unblock, and learn to flow with ease.

As a Vibrational Wellness Educator/Mentor for over 20 years, I can offer you a customized Vibrational Wellness Package completely tailored to your personal goals and desires.


Offerings (via phone, FB Messenger, Zoom, or in person):

  • Meditation Classes for individuals and groups.
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT-The tapping solution). EFT is highly effective for releasing trauma and old, unwanted thoughts/behaviors/belief systems.
  • Quantum Reiki: Traditional Usui Reiki combined with aura-enhancing experiences such as sound, aroma, crystals, breathwork, guided imagery and sometimes Channeled messaging.
  • Chakra/Energy Rebalancing.
  • Meditative Linguistic Reframing (retraining the mind to seek out positive, healing, and life-affirming thoughts and beliefs).
  • Meditative Healing Journeys (customized).
  • Interdimensional/Intergenerational Healing: energetic rebalancing with your loved ones, and transgressors, and releasing generational patterns).



“I started working with Denise through a weekly meditation group, which is what opened my eyes to the spiritual world. Eventually I took reiki classes with her and it changed my life. Reiki has healed me emotionally and spiritually, and I am so grateful for the role Denise has played in my life, both as a reiki teacher and a friend.”



Thank you, Denise, for helping to open this door to deep healing and frequency-raising, not just for humans in need, but for all beings on our beautiful planet who ask for our help, including our dear Mother Earth. I love this way of bringing light and harmony to our world.