As practitioners in the spiritual healing arts, we see ourselves as conduits of energy, information and healing. It is our job, in a basic sense, to surrender ourselves to the divine universal energies and allow them to work through us.

Mastery is always about self-mastery. All the certificates, training and innate gifts we hold do not make us Masters. Taking the steps required to be grounded and balanced in mind/body/spirit creates the fertile soil needed to be fully present in our gifts and to stand in our power as practitioners.
As we ascend, grow, and gain experience in our practice and lives, we recognize that sometimes we have experiences of feeling blocked, unsure, insecure, and having to work through our internal pain. As we courageously face these issues and continue our inner “shadow” work, our interactions with clients (over time) flow with more ease and our clients report increased levels of satisfaction from their sessions.

Mastery involves putting aside our personal issues, at least temporarily, and allowing the Highest Self to take the wheel. This process is aided by our preparatory work before each session, such as prayer, invocation, body movement, grounding the self, space clearing, lighting candles, music, the use of aroma and more. We must find our connection to the Oneness, All That Is, Universal Life Force, or whatever name we use for the divine forces within us, in order to be fully present for others.

Self-care is an urgent business for those of us who hold sacred space with others. As our vibration and inner calm increase, our energy, skills, and divinity become more accessible. We all know the difference between a mediocre session and a phenomenal one! That difference is all about how we are tending the inner garden and immersing ourselves in Oneness, each in our own precious ways.

The process of self-mastery reveals the enormity of our role as a co-creative entity in service to Universal Love. As we grow, we develop a loving presence which in itself is healing, whether in a session or in any situation or circumstance. We become increasingly more aware of the blessed interconnectedness of all Life.

A Master walks the earth in service in everyday life, as well as in her/his work. We become able to effect change in ways that many people do not know is even possible. The learning then becomes how to use this power humbly, responsibly, lovingly, and for the highest good of humanity.

More and more people are becoming aware of their ability to co-create and live in an expanded state of consciousness. We are still, as a race and individually, constantly challenged by 3rd Dimensional density and duality to enhance our own self-awareness, release our personal baggage, connect with our Higher Levels of Self, and to go forward in our power from a place of integrity and authenticity.

Our sessions are always a path of awakening for both practitioner and student. We experience the humble truth that “student and teacher are ONE”. Acknowledging to ourselves that everyone has something to teach us is true Mastery.

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